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GlobalTravelWallet offers a digital alternative to cash in many of Africa’s most cash-centric economies. They have been successful in bringing Visa, large local financial institutions, government and regulators to support their financial inclusion efforts and create a lasting social impact for the financially excluded.

GlobalTravelWallet is in the frontline in the “fight against cash”, constantly seeking opportunities to replace cash or cheque payments with digital alternatives and growing its incentives database that drives usage and reduces attrition. With an emphasis on Travel, Government, Education and Not For Profit, GlobalTravelWallet provides a more efficient solution to everyday payments.

For some of our financially challenged user groups, such as refugees or students, where the acquisition cost of these digital alternatives may be a hindrance, we are able to leverage our network of donors to raise donor funding, to reduce or eliminate the acquisition and transaction costs.

By providing digital alternatives to cash, GlobalTravelWallet has brought fraud levels to zero in some of Africa’s most cash centric economies, and put citizens in control of their finances, promoting a safer, more transparent payment experience.


Segun Oni has a background in fintech and project management, and has a passion for social enterprises. After being concerned about the difficulty of making payments in Africa, he decided to fix the problem and created GlobalTravelWallet. With his deep experience in retail financial services and FMCG, he has set out to create a more inclusive payment eco-system in Africa.

He works with a talented team of Managers and Analysts from varied backgrounds, all coming together to make the African continent a better place to live and work.


Our social mission is to create economic empowerment in Africa for the financially excluded through the delivery of digital payment solutions such as prepaid cards, to reduce risk, improve accountability, transparency and access to financial services.

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Segun Oni

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Segun is interested in connecting with any African governments, airlines, universities, international charities and International Inter-governmental organisation (UKAID, DFID, USAID) or other user groups and influencers, looking to make a positive difference in Africa by replacing cash with digital alternatives to add value, improve lives and create sustainable social impact.

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