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Goodery is an online local, organic grocery store that connects local farmers, ethical businesses and conscious consumers via a weekly zero emissions delivery service. Founded as a response to COVID-19 in Norwich, Norfolk, they have designed a business model that supports the local economy, conscious consumers and the earth.


Goodery is run by a geologist and coffee expert, who likes volcanoes, and a young relationally driven, local nomad. They complement each other’s weaknesses and call out each other’s strengths. They work from a place of friendship, and are committed to their community and their planet.


Goodery aims to redesign the local food value chain for the good of local economies and ecologies so both people and the planet can prosper.

By buying produce from local, organic farmers, they intend to make a positive difference to the impact food habits have on the soil, economy, and environment of their region.

Goodery is set up to:

Protect and promote soil and society health in East Anglia
Increase organic growing and eating in East Anglia
Redesign the local food value chain to account for societal and environmental costs (soil and air).
Lead entrepreneurs
Josh Smith and Matthew St John

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Goodery is always looking for companions to join them on this journey. Mentors to encourage and friends to bring life to the team at Goodery.