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HealthBuddies empowers patients to take care of their health by providing them with relevant health information, decoding medical reports and sending reminders about individual health goals. All while integrating the system into the normal medical care of healthcare providers, saving them valuable time, and increasing patient satisfaction. It links the medical data in a user-friendly way with customisable medical dictionaries and videos, text, and email-based reminders as well as medical cost comparisons tools. This allows doctors to provide patients more individualised recommendations while ensuring reliability and accuracy of the medical information. Patients can access their personalised health assistant via the HealthBuddies platform. The following are some of the features included: – Central dashboard visualises current health status in an accessible way based on nudging principles of cognitive psychology. – Option to add health data (health tracker, electronic health records, genome data, lab reports): These are presented in a simplified manner and will include comparisons to the general population and appropriate calls to action. – Medical terminology is highlighted and behind a link are explanatory texts and videos in different languages and levels of difficulty. – Chat function with doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, midwives etc. – Selection of a general health goal and text-based reminder and motivation program. – Reward system for improvements in personal health goal in cooperation with insurance companies, businesses and employers. – US feature: Cost comparison and recommendations for the same treatment in different hospitals (based 2021 US Hospital price transparency rule), insurance recommendations based on personal health data. Participating physicians can run the API system on the existing EHR software and, with patient consent, automatically send encrypted, personalised information pages to patients via SMS, email or printed QR codes, including preventive check-up reminders and health and lifestyle recommendations. Follow HealthBuddies on LinkedIn:

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