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Hey! Food is Ready is an online marketplace connecting certified cooks from different cultural backgrounds with companies looking for a diverse selection of food at their events. Using this online marketplace, home cooks can sell their meals, with marketing provided. Organisations can order from them, try authentic, wholesome, home-cooked meals for their upcoming events while supporting their local community. With the increase of industrial cooking, they hope to use this platform to maintain the authenticity of homemade dishes and keep human connection at the heart of ordering food.


At the heart of Hey! Food is Ready is a community dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion, while enabling local food economies to grow and thrive. They want to explore alternative options to mainstream cuisine types by offering more variety from a diverse range of food vendors in local areas.

Connecting with communities across the UK, they have supported immigrants, refugees, carers, stay-at-home parents, retirees, or anyone who loves cooking to monetise their cooking skills. They believe that food and culture are connected, they are essential for building the foundations of communities and encouraging cultural assimilation.

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They’re more than just a catering provider. All of their cooks are carefully selected, chosen from people from diverse cultural backgrounds across the UK to showcase their culturally inspired recipes. If you have an event idea in mind and looking for catering service, or just want to find out a bit more, please contact them via email, they are happy to have a chat!



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