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Humanity Research Consultancy graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in September 2020.


Humanity Research Consultancy (HRC) combats modern slavery by empowering decision-makers to create system-wide change built on evidence-based policies and strategies to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) around eradicating forced labour and human trafficking.

HRC aims to be one of the first consultancies in the sector whose pool of consultants originate from developing countries. By working with local experts, HRC’s policy recommendations are informed by a deep understanding of the cultural contexts which enable modern slavery, enabling systems change at multiple levels.

Humanity Research Consultancy believes in a world free from slaves and a world in which talent from all backgrounds is equally valued, respected and able to flourish.


HRC was founded by Mina Chiang, who leads a cross-continental team.

Mina has seven years’ experience in conducting projects, research and consultancy work in some of the most impoverished and conflict-affected countries, including Sierra Leone, Palestine, Tanzania and Cambodia. Mina is a graduate from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and has an inter-disciplinary background in engineering, sociology, anthropology and international development. She speaks Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, English, and basic Swahili.

The consultants employed by HRC benefit from a training and education, supporting them to maximise their contribution to combatting modern slavery.


The social mission of Humanity Research Consultancy is two-fold:

contributing to the eradication of modern slavery
providing international employment opportunities for young professionals from developing countries.
Abuse persists when certain facets of a social system remain, and systems change addressing root causes can only be effective with nuanced information and robust analysis. Through its consultancy, HRC enables decision-makers to combat modern slavery and extreme abuse in society and supply chains.

Currently, local policy consultants from developing countries tends to be seen as peripheral in the international development sector – most research and consulting is still carried out by experts from Europe and America. The unemployment among this pool of talent rate is high.

By believing in the potential and abilities of young professionals in tackling issues related to their home countries, HRC empowers young professionals from developing countries with opportunities at multiple levels.

Lead entrepreneur
Mina Chiang

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Humanity Research Consultancy would like to hear from businesses and governmental or non-governmental organisations keen on understanding modern slavery in our world. Humanity Research Consultancy welcomes all opportunities for media coverage and speaking engagements. Humanity Research Consultancy would also like to connect with young talents with social science training, from the developing countries, who aspire to engage.
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