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Clinical trials have been growing increasingly complex for years and despite spiralling costs remain an under-utilised option of health care systems, with only 1% of the patient population participating in clinical trials and 75% unaware that trials could be an option for treatment. Incorporation of novel technologies to improve the health care system has been incentivised by the government but the uplift hasn’t materialised yet and currently, 50% of clinical trials fail to achieve target recruitment and 80% fail to finish on time.

Hyphn Clinical is a digital health platform enabling execution of clinical trials in a smarter, and more efficient way than the traditional “brick-and-mortar” trial conduct model by leveraging three pillars: telemedicine, passive collection of data, and decentralisation of clinical trials. Our product aims to improve execution of clinical trials for investigators while remaining patient-centric by providing a remote access of procedures to patients. Hyphn Clinical is open-source to allow interoperability with other digital products and can be easily installed on any device. Ultimately, Hyphn Clinical is a digital technology enabler. This investigator-focus approach positions Hyphn Clinical with a unique market segment not exploited by the competition with an immediate emphasis on experimental medicine and academic studies.