IT Wake


Accelerate alumni



IT Wake is a start-up that focuses on e-learning and corporate online training solutions. We have developed innovative, interactive, powerful and user-friendly solutions to turn mobile devices into learning tools for creating a more effective teaching and learning environment.

Our flagship product, iClass, consists of iOS and Android mobile apps and a cloud-based web platform for students to interact with teachers in an effective way. They can write text, draw picture, record voice and video on their mobile devices and share their works with the teacher in real-time through the cloud platform. We have also developed interactive e-textbooks for mathematics and computer studies for the educational market in Hong Kong. Another one of our solutions, the Mobile Device Management (MDM) System, has now become an essential solution for schools to deploy Bring-Your-Own-Device e-learning services.

School administrators can use MDM to control and supervise their devices in an efficient and simple way. At present, there are over hundred schools in HK and a few in China using our interactive solutions and e-textbooks. They are paying an annual fee to subscribe the service and our business is quite healthy.

The iClass solution has won the Hong Kong ICT Award in 2014 and ITWake won the Hong Kong Best ICT Start-up Bronze Award in 2015. In recent years, we have also developed interactive mobile training solution for a listed retail group for training over 40 thousand staff in China, United States and Hong Kong. Corporate online training solution is the next wave of the development for us.

Our business model is proven to be quite successful in HK and China. We are now looking for a break through to accelerate our business. We target to expand our business to the international market, such as to the UK, US and Europe through the Accelerate Cambridge Programme.