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It’s Our Planet Too is a brand that aims to inspire our children to love and care for the environment. They want them to become little eco-heroes who are empowered to make a difference. It’s Our Planet Too is all about eco fun for children.

Their website is an educational resource full of fascinating facts, inspirational quotes, amazing images, fun stuff to download as well as stories about ten endangered animals, written in rhyme. Children can learn about our beautiful planet but also the effects that humans have had on it and discover why some animals are struggling for survival.

Their range of sustainably and ethically produced products embrace their brand values and key messages. They hope that these items can replace those that may have negative environmental consequences and where possible will be supplied with minimal waste.


The idea for It’s Our Planet Too came about many years ago but it wasn’t until having children herself that Kate realised the importance of helping them understand the necessity of taking care of our precious planet.

Prior to launching It’s Our Planet Too, Kate worked for both national newspaper and magazine publishers within their marketing and research departments. Latterly, Kate worked in project management, specialising in the creation of promotional activities for national newspapers. In recent years, Kate has been the chair of her children’s school PTFA and gained them charitable status, she was also vice-chair of governors.


At It’s Our Planet Too they truly believe that if everyone was aware of the impact their actions were having, they would take steps to change it. But this has to start with gently educating our children (and their families) – so that considering our environmental impact becomes a way of life and starts to dictate the choices that we all make.

Much of their inspiration comes from the animal kingdom, particularly the plight of endangered animals. By emphasising how amazing some of these iconic creatures are, they hope to engage with more children. A recent impact survey suggested that 72% of respondents have spoken to their children about the environment after seeing their messaging. Every time you buy an item from them, you are also donating to an exciting new charitable venture that supports wildlife rangers working on the front line, all over the world.

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Kate Cohen

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It’s Our Planet Too welcomes enquiries from anyone interested in finding out more, as well as potential partners that can help their business reach more families, increase their influence and make a positive change for a greener future.

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