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A healthcare job search platform and recruitment marketplace that empowers candidates to make better applications and enhances recruitment efficiency for employers, both through automation and artificial intelligence.

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Founding team

Ali Ihsan Nergiz

My curiosity and passion for science started early on when I won a bronze medal in the Turkish National Science Olympiads, among two million high school students nationwide. This early success laid the groundwork for my academic and entrepreneur journey.

During my years in medical school, I not only immersed myself in the academic world but also took on significant leadership roles. I led and scaled multiple student organizations. As the representative of a class of 500 students, I successfully campaigned for intern doctors to receive free meals at the hospital canteen as well as secured funding from school board for a renovation of faculty library.

Apart from authoring several peer-reviewed articles and winning young scientist award during COVID pandemic, I also wrote for national newspapers, making health information accessible to the wider public.
Seeking to broaden my impact, I’ve taken youth consultancy roles with the United Nations Population Fund and the World Health Organization. These experiences deepened my understanding of global health challenges and honed my skills in policy advocacy and international collaboration.

Not confined to academic and professional achievements, I also ventured into the competitive world of e-sports. As a professional player in, I led large teams to several national victories.

My journey took a pivotal turn when I moved to the UK to work in the NHS. Over two years, I gained invaluable insights into the healthcare system, experiences that fuelled my entrepreneurial spirit and led me to found Job Clerk. This venture combines my medical background, leadership experience, and passion for innovation to address pressing needs in healthcare recruitment.

Cem Utku Ozkan

I’m a dedicated medical professional and entrepreneur. After graduating from medical school in Turkey in 2017, my early career was characterized by intense, hands-on experience in high-pressure environments, working in emergency departments s part of air ambulance teams. This foundational period sharpened my clinical skills, crisis management capabilities, and a deep-seated resilience that has underpinned my career path.

In April 2022, I transitioned to the UK, joining the Leicester Royal Infirmary Emergency Department. Over 14 months, I navigated the complexities of the NHS, discovering the challenges and opportunities presented by one of the world’s most renowned healthcare systems. My journey continued as I began General Practitioner (GP) training in Cambridge, further diversifying my clinical expertise while integrating into the local medical community.