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Kinetic Science is a charity which inspires children to consider science and maths as career options. They make learning fun and through their school outreach programmes, take an experience into the school classroom which would not normally be available.

The outreach programme covers:

astronomy (taught with the aid of telescopes and a pop-up planetarium
forensic science with a crime scene and evidence, digital forensics, rain forest and habitats, and mini beast roadshow to name but a few.
In 2017, Kinetic Science has been invited to help organise science festivals in Slough, Dartford and Norwich. The next stage is to open an interactive hands-on STEM Centre where learning comes alive and children and young people appreciate the wonders of our planet. This includes exhibits and activities as well as large physics demonstrations, such as giant Newton’s Cradle.


Founder Deborah Ball is an accountant by trade, with a passion for science and trying to make learning fun for the next generation. The Kinetic Science journey began when she decided that she wanted to share her love of maths by creating a maths and problem-solving roadshow.

It has since grown into an established charity with a dedicated board of scientists, head teachers and specialists. The Board of Trustees share Deborah’s vision to support teachers to meet the needs of the curriculum and share a passion for their subjects.

The working team are enthusiastic to share their knowledge and as ex-teachers have the experience needed to deliver the topics. My admin team are very important, making sure everything is in place for the exceptional delivery of the project. It is important now to expand this team to include project managers for the different elements of the charity and to take this to the next level.


It has been identified there is a huge skills gap in some industries and this will increase if projects do not address the problems. To bridge this gap we are making learning diverse, fun and showing where the subjects we teach can lead to as a career.

We aim to inspire and inform children and young people to consider that Science and Maths are for everyone. Making these subjects accessible to all and helping them to realise that you do not have to necessarily be good at a subject to make a difference in our world.

Science is the one subject taught in school accessible to all, regardless of their knowledge, status or educational ability. The impact this one subject has on self-esteem is enlightening as everyone can produce a result, as science is unpredictable, and this will always be correct as there is never a right or wrong answer.

Lead entrepreneur
Deborah Ball

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Kinetic Science Foundation would be interested to hear from STEM ambassadors and volunteers who would love to share their knowledge and enjoyment of the subjects of science and maths. They are also interested in partnerships with companies with a science background to increase the offering to schools and groups.
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