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At Leiho, they sell super soft and funky bamboo socks that support the homeless community. Every item sold helps provide basic essentials from clean socks, underwear, toiletries, thermals, hot meals and more for those in need. We aim to help people experiencing homelessness and vulnerable individuals through means of comfort, safety, hygiene, and health.


Joey and Thuta are the co-founders at Leiho who met during their masters at Bayes Business School. They bonded around their passion for purpose-led businesses and wanted to do something together that would make a difference. Everyday en-route to classes, they would encounter people experiencing homelessness on the streets and wanted to help more. They eventually came across the fact that clean socks are one of the most requested items of clothing at homeless shelters which sparked their interest in creating a system to provide these essential items that are highly requested but not donated enough.

The Leiho team is small but mighty. We are a small team of two co-founders and wonderful volunteers that are believe in taking small steps to make a big impact together!


Leiho’s social mission is to help improve the quality of life for people experiencing homelessness through our eco-conscious store. In 2019, Joey and Thuta met a gentlemen named Tony who was once homeless, who told us that having access to simple things like a clean pair of socks or toiletries can really help boost someone’s wellbeing and confidence for that day. Especially for those without a home, these simple means of comfort can really make a huge difference to their day and help them focus on other priorities such as finding employment, shelter, working on their mental health and more. That’s why at Leiho, they provide the most basic essentials to those who need it the most. They further aim to inspire more individuals to incorporate simple yet meaningful ways of giving back and lend a helping hand whenever we can.

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Joey Li and Thuta Khin

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Leiho is always open to connect with local charities and councils working with people experiencing homelessness not only to donate items but also to collaborate on projects that can support their clients. If there are also any companies or events looking for custom branded socks that give back, please do get in touch!


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