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mamoq aims to challenge ‘fast fashion’ and ‘throwaway consumerism’ by creating the ultimate online marketplace for the conscious consumer. With an emphasis on knowledge-sharing, mamoq provides a curated selection of innovative brands that challenge the status quo with their commitment to sustainability and ethics.

To facilitate transparency and understanding, mamoq evaluates all brands based upon 12 “Impact Criteria” that encompass a variety of social and environmental standards and achievements.

Criteria Icons, in addition to specific detailed justifications, enable shoppers to easily identify brands and products that align with their values.

By providing an informative channel for shoppers to easily browse purpose-driven brands, mamoq promotes a mindful, meaningful, and impactful shopping experience.


Madeline Petrow and Lenny Leemann share a background in international development, and a passion for social enterprises. After bonding over the difficulty of locating ethically-motivated brands, the two teamed up to fix this problem and created mamoq. With Lenny’s research and marketing knowledge, and Madeline’s experience working with young start-ups and social enterprises, the 2 have set out to transform the way we engage with our closet, and the world.


mamoq aims to drive a sustainable market transformation that demands more from the brands we support. By creating a community of knowledge-sharing, mamoq advocates for critical engagement with the products we purchase so that we can ultimately feel good about buying them. As an alternative to dubious high-street fashion, mamoq provides a range of vetted, fashion-forward brands that prove you don’t have to compromise ethics for style.

To truly demonstrate the positive impact shopping on mamoq can make, account holders can visit their ‘Impact Portfolio’. This innovative feature displays eye-catching infographics which show the unique positive impact that each of their purchases has caused around the world. This feature, shareable to social media, helps solidify the impact of purposeful shopping and raises awareness of the importance of mindful and conscious consumption.

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mamoq is interested in connecting with any brands that share a commitment to blended value returns, and are interested in learning more about the platform. Additionally, mamoq welcomes collaboration opportunities for media coverage, freelance writing and strategy input from those with expertise in the field of online marketplaces.

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