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Mental Snapp graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in September 2019.


Mental Snapp is a way to actively manage mental health using our private media diary app. By using the recognised benefits of journaling, rating mood and naming feelings, their users can make space for their mental health, to create change for themselves and to raise their confidence to do so. London Southbank University conducted a positive evaluation of the impact of using the app over a two week period and our users say they feel that they are getting to know themselves in a new way, becoming their own best friend.

Mental Snapp is user led and run, and has won The Stelios Award for Disabled Entrepreneurs, has been featured on the BBC and in a full page spread in the Evening Standard and has mentioned in the Houses of Parliament as an example of good practice.


The team is led by Hannah Chamberlain, an entrepreneur with 20 years’ experience working in mental health and film. In that time, she has led campaigns, made anti-stigma media, told her own story and helped hundreds of people to do the same. She was on the research team for a study for the Kings Fund looking at the therapeutic value of telling mental health stories on film, which was part of the inspiration for forming Mental Snapp. Hannah is the CEO and responsible for operations.

Supporting her in strategy is co-founder Tex Dunstan, a business lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University, with a strong eye for operations, innovation and risk.

Mental Snapp has a strong network of advisors, mentors and freelancers, who contribute to the day to day running. They are also actively hiring and looking for a product lead.


Mental Snapp is driven by a mission to change mental health through the power of story. Telling stories has an impact on the audience, it also has an impact on the teller. They want to help people to reconnect with themselves through telling and believing their own stories, to raise their confidence and therefore their life expectations.

Their mission is to reach the mass market, to change the debate around mental health, to democratise it and put the person at the centre of their health by putting them at the centre of their story.

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Hannah Chamberlain

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Mental Snapp is looking for a product lead who can drive us to our first sales, improve the customer user experience (UX) and journey. We’ll be looking for someone to make an immediate start targeting the user journey and oversee the development of the new version of the app in the new year.

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