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micielo is a micro Mexican company that is committed to the development of textiles within indigenous communities, creating a fusion between traditional manufacturing and ethically minded, contemporary design. Their focus is on the design and manufacturing of textile and leather handbags.


Alejandra Castañeda lives in Cambridge; she is an industrial designer with a Masters in Museum Design and a passion for cultural heritage. Cristina lives in Puebla, Mexico; she is a marketing specialist. Both are expert mums, pro-active, creative and focused; proud Mexicans obsessed about all types of Latin American artisan expressions.

The company has a team of artisan teachers who create the textiles and an artisan saddler who creates very fine leatherwork; the focus is to find ways to fuse the two materials in new and unexpected ways. Together with the artisans Alejandra and Cristina make a balanced and creative team.


The social mission from micielo is to have a direct impact, economically and socially in the indigenous communities in southern Mexico. It is very important that the company generates jobs and revives the prehispanic traditions with which the textiles for the handbags are made. They believe that by creating a trustworthy brand in the international markets this will permeate back to the communities and generate a ripple effect for the “made in Mexico” brand.

Lead entrepreneur
Alejandra Castañeda (Cambridge, UK) and Cristina (Puebla, Mexico)

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Alejandra would like to find a potential co-founder with a business background in e-commerce or market places. They would like to hear from people in the fashion industry that share their values; slow-fashion, handmade, sustainable and fair.

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