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Ministry of Waste (MoW) creates a fair supply chain of recycled ocean-bound/beach plastic and other materials by connecting polluted and disadvantaged communities in Southeast Asia with waste-industry innovators and global leaders in sustainability – this is achieved through a fully integrated waste management model appropriate for the island context. Less plastic in the ocean, brands acting responsibly and new economic opportunities for local communities.

Ministry of Waste collaborates with innovative manufacturers and recyclers to turn any ocean-bound and beach waste into new meaningful products and partners with corporates and brands who reinvent their products and packaging while showing their leadership in sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Ministry of Waste was founded by Samanta Skrivere. Sam’s background is in project management, communication and human resources, and helping fellow startups solve their problems. In Indonesia, she is joined by an Indonesian co-founder and COO with extensive waste management operations background, as well as a whole locally employed team.


Their mission is driven by three main aims:

Creating fully integrated waste management systems (domestic and commercial) for islands by de-polluting the environment and preventing ocean-bound and beach plastic from entering the ocean through innovative waste management models.
Engaging with local communities for whom the collected waste becomes a resource and growth opportunity within the island’s economy.
Creating a fair supply chain of plastics and other materials for their clients, by eliminating unnecessary middlemen and paying their employees a fair living wage.
Lead entrepreneur
Samanta Skrivere

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MoW is interested in networking opportunities and long-term partners within the plastic industry (manufacturing of plastic objects, packaging and others), as well opportunities for media coverage and funding dedicated to developing countries.

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