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MM Community is a platform for crowdsourcing infrastructure bonds in Myanmar. Locals can propose and fund schools, roads and hospitals with 100% government repayment.

For instance, say a local citizen is concerned with a lack of clinics near her living area. She could propose a local clinic project idea on the MM Community platform. The regional Ministry of Health would then review the request and approve the local clinic, publishing a funding campaign on the platform offering a project-based government bond. Local communities and donors would then crowdfund the loan.

Once the project is implemented, loan repayments, interest along with project specific perks such as medical vouchers would be paid back to the communities.

MM Community is working closely with the Myanmar Central Bank, regional and union MPs, ministries, local think tanks and NGOs to develop a framework to consolidate the concept platform for nation-wide adaptation.


The MM Community team is passionate about empowering development in developing countries with a strong belief in the effectiveness of infrastructure as a springboard for growth.

The team is currently based in Myanmar, Cambridge and Hong Kong.

Justin Chan (Co-founder)

Cambridge MPhil in Finance and Economics, 2016.
Cambridge Young Entrepreneur of the Year Pitch Competition, second placed team.
Desmond Ho (Co-founder)

Cambridge MPhil in Planning, Growth and Regeneration, 2018 (candidate).
Second runner-up in the Development Bank of Singapore Startup Competition 2016.
John Mak (Co-founder)

Founder of the Governance Partners Yangon, organised trainings for Yangon regional ministers.
Former employee in HKSAR Government Central Policy Unit.
Professor Christopher Webster (Advisor)

University of Hong Kong Dean of Architecture Faculty.
Programme Director of the HKU Studio Myanmar, co-operated with the Yangon Heritage Trust.


The initiative empowers Myanmar local community and local governments to improve public infrastructure in the neighbourhood through low-cost credit and an integrated community feedback system. The aim is to speed up development, save cost, give voice to the people and better prioritise limited development resources.

Government infrastructure development policies often prioritise large flagship projects. Civic projects that affect the day-to-day life of local communities, such as roads, drainage, clinics and local power supplies, are often overlooked. The MM Community platform shifts the development focus back to the general public, tackling day to day nuisances caused by inadequate infrastructure in people’s living area.

By providing governments with low-cost credits and a structured feedback mechanism, MM Community aims to provide the incentive and means for the public sector to increase the social impact for every dollar spent.

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MM Community would love to connect with any partners, organisations and funds with an interest in South East Asia development, as well as any support in technical, referrals, research, lobbying, volunteering or financing.