Montec Systems


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Montec Systems was founded by Ben Harker in 2010 to develop and provide turnkey solutions for niche applications in the field of remote monitoring. Every aspect of these systems has been designed to save the customer time and money over competitive solutions though simple set-up and installation procedures. The business model is to charge for the hardware plus a subscription for each sensor while it is active. Customers log into the Montec web server where data from their sensors can be easily viewed or downloaded. Key points regarding cost saving and convenience for the customer are: – A system can be set up and installed by a non-technical person in a short period of time – A single base station can handle data from up to eight sensors of different types Montec’s first sensor is for monitoring crack movement in buildings and structures and is fully developed and ready to go to market. A sensor for vibration event detection has also been developed and is undergoing final testing. Visit the Montec Systems website: