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NeWTS aims to improve the wellbeing of newborns requiring medical care by the development of technology solutions designed specifically for their needs.

Technology used for babies is often not driven by their unique needs. NeWTS is determined to change this by designing devices and systems that are bespoke for newborns requiring medical care, and for the families caring for them.

Their first product aims to overcome the barriers, both physical and emotional, created between babies and their parents by the multiple wires that connect babies to the monitors that support their care. They have designed a wireless system to allow continuous monitoring of vital physiological measures including heart rate, blood oxygen levels and skin temperature. This system will free babies from the wires that tether them to the incubator, enabling parents to hold babies in their arms, and to better interact with their baby at this crucial developmental stage.


Dr Oliver Bonner is a Research Associate at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. NeWTS began as his PhD project, after being inspired by a friend and father of a preterm baby to use his engineering skills for the benefit of future preterm babies and their families.

Dr Kathryn Beardsall is a Consultant Neonatologist at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, and a Lecturer at the University of Cambridge. She has a wealth of experience in clinical trials and is driven by a belief that babies deserve to benefit from innovations in technology that could improve their care.


The social mission of NeWTS is to develop technology for improving the wellbeing of newborns requiring medical care. This will be achieved through the introduction of technology that can improve short- and long-term clinical outcomes. This will result in cost savings to families due to a reduction in the length of stay in hospital, and in the long term will save the NHS money through lower readmission rates.

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Oliver Bonner

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NeWTS is looking for collaborators and partners with expertise in regulatory pathways, medical device development, NHS supply chains and selling to NHS Trusts. They are also seeking investment from people who share their vision for improving newborn clinical care.

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