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Nurture Collective graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in September 2019.


Nurture Collective is a sustainable and ethical marketplace which brings together a curated collection of beautiful children’s brands for ages 0-12 years. Its aim is to really focus on how through the making, use and reuse of clothing – fashion is one of the largest pollutants in the world – we can minimise our impact on our resources. Ultimately their aim is to create a truly circular economy where waste is minimised.

It uses a unique icon system which gives the customer a greater understanding of how each brand aligns with their values which enables them to make more mindful buying choices. The Collective works with each maker through a detailed pre-assessment covering issues such as organic, handmade, transparency (twelve in total). They want to develop this icon system further and explore how to create a fully transparent circular economy model to minimise the negative social and environment impacts of fashion.


Nurture Collective is a small team: most of the work is done by the founder Miriam Pierre, whose career started in contemporary dance before moving into professional sales and marketing roles.

After becoming a mother, she was inspired to start the company when struggling to make conscious choices for her daughter. After two years of searching high and low for quality clothing which was kind to the planet as well as her daughter – Nurture Collective was born.

Miriam is supported by a freelance team which brings specialist skills including brand strategy, website design and creative content. Equally her wider network has been super helpful on the testing of ideas and development of the icon system.


The social mission of Nurture Collective is to bring together like-minded ethical brands in one place which can demonstrate a genuine desire to minimise their impact on our natural resources. This will be achieved in several ways:

  • The icon system is a visual guide, based on a detailed assessment designed to highlight the core ethics and values of each of their makers which enables customers to make more informed choices based on what really matters to them.
  • The development of a pre-loved sections which encourages customers to return items to be resold and reused by others.

Ultimately, they want to move to a full circular economy model where the impact of consumerism can be minimised. Their overall aim is to prevent items from ever going to landfill.

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