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Obliquity graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in September 2019.


Obliquity enables organisations across any sector to improve both sustainability and operating efficiency performance. Obliquity helps organisations to:

achieve and embed their ambitions by inspiring employees
understand what their employees think of the organisations’ ambitions
improve performance.
It does this by engaging people throughout the organisation in the sustainability activities the organisation acts on, through an online customised survey tool. This tool enables everyone throughout the organisation to identify which activities motivate and engage them and which do not.

This can be used to create a sustainability strategy and targets that create maximum impact and engagement. Employees engaged in the what their organisation does, the values it stands for and the impact it has are more productive, less likely to leave and stronger ‘brand ambassadors’. This engagement creates better value for the organisation. Ethical investors can also utilise Obliquity to better understand the businesses they are investing in.


Simon Kelly (co-founder, director), Chartered Environmentalist and Chartered Water and Environmental Manager and a degree in geography from Durham University, postgraduate certificate in sustainable business and masters in sustainability leadership from the University of Cambridge (CISL), where he developed the unique analytics for Obliquity – under supervision from YouGov Cambridge and Cambridge Judge Business School. His primary roles are analysis, results interpretation, detailed lead, tool development.

John Isherwood (co-founder, director), formerly Head of Sustainability at Pret A Manger and a geography graduate from the University of Wales, John completed a postgraduate certificate in sustainable business at the CISL and is now an ambassador for CISL. His primary roles are business development, deck review, feedback summary lead, market analysis.

Charlotte Roberts-Jones, experienced graphic designer and presentation specialist with expertise in the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office, creating designs for both print and digital output. Her responsibilities are brand lead, marketing design and brochure design.


Obliquity’s social mission is to encourage action over words, for both organisations and individuals.

The tool can help to empower employees to co-create meaningful strategies and actions in the organisation they work which will in turn will help organisations to shift to a more sustainable and equitable future. Engaging employees in the values of the organisations they work for is an opportunity to provide the ‘bottom up’ thinking that is likely to be so important in a rapidly changing and evolving environment.

They aim to convert values into greater actions socially and environmentally at both organisational and individual levels, which is better for all of us and for the planet we exist on.

Lead entrepreneur
Simon Kelly and John Isherwood

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Obliquity is interested in connecting with organisations which are: focused on improving employee development and inclusion; seeking improved sustainability performance; wanting to engage employees in their values and sustainability activity. They would also like to meet investors looking to improve scope and depth of their environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis, academic institutions and supply chain assurance services. They are available for speaking opportunities.

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