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Olea is on a mission to make languages fun, accessible and creative. Our game, Private Joke, is the love child of Scrabble and Cards Against Humanity, and inspires players to learn languages in a down-to-earth, care-free environment. Our business model is multifaceted; once our school trial is complete (1,000 students in Nov-Dec 2023) the digital version of PJ will become a B2B SaaS, with similar popularity to Kahoot. The physical version of PJ is B2B2C given the school-based workshops we offer to schools and small businesses. There are two editions of PJ, the Original, as well as the Girls Night In edition. We achieve a 57% profit margin on PJ games. Now is the time to onboard UK teens to a multilingual future; igniting their creative potential comes hand in hand with language learning and is a skill that will pay dividends as the world demands more nimble, creative and resilient individuals.

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