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Our company, Oxbridge Aerospace (OA), aims to be at the forefront of revolutionizing cryogenic valve technology for the aerospace industry. We address the critical need for reliable and efficient propulsion systems in space applications. With a focus on innovation and performance, our mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions that surpass industry standards.

At OA, our flagship product features an innovative permanent magnet actuator, setting a new benchmark for valve functionality and control. The meticulous assembly process ensures precision and reliability, with each component carefully integrated to optimize performance in extreme environments. The concentric arrangement of permanent magnets around the shaft enables precise modulation of the valve, allowing for seamless operation even under challenging conditions.

One of the key advantages of our design is the elimination of insulation requirements in the magnet compartment, reducing weight and complexity while enhancing overall reliability. The compact configuration of our valves minimizes space requirements, making them ideal for space-constrained spacecraft and launch vehicles. Additionally, our valves boast a fail-safe torsion-spring mechanism, utilizing high-performance materials to ensure reliable operation in critical mission scenarios.

OA’s commitment to excellence extends beyond product design, with ongoing research initiatives aimed at further enhancing performance and reliability. Areas of focus include exploring insulation solutions for torsion springs, optimizing sealing mechanisms for cryogenic environments, and mitigating the effects of vibrations on superconducting materials.

Through our dedication to innovation and quality, AST aims to be the preferred partner for aerospace companies seeking advanced cryogenic valve solutions. With a track record of delivering superior performance in the most demanding applications, we are poised to shape the future of propulsion systems in the space industry.

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