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Drugs are chemicals that cure diseases by interacting with other entities in our body called ‘targets’; they can be divided into: small molecules (eg Ibuprofen), peptides (eg insulin) and biologics (eg antibodies). Peptides are a fast-emerging class of molecules in the pharmaceutical landscape because they interact with targets which are currently inaccessible with traditional small molecules and biologics; however, peptides need to be modified to become useful drugs.

Currently, there is a limited ability to modify peptides into drugs in a quick and cost-effective way leaving many diseases uncured and slowing down the delivery of life-changing medicines to patients.

Pep2Smart is a drug-discovery company that uses a novel type of chemistry to generate peptides that overcome the limitations of traditional peptides. Unlike other companies, Pep2Smart evaluates the peptides in cells, in a streamlined manner and selects only those that are drug-like. This means that, in a very limited amount of time, we deliver peptides that have high chances of becoming drugs. Pep2Smart provides the pharmaceutical industry with peptides that can cure previously inaccessible diseases, disrupting traditional peptide drug-discovery and fast-tracking the delivery of medicines for unmet medical needs.