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At Prosoma we believe that every patient living with and beyond cancer deserves reliable mental healthcare. Time and time again we hear about emotional issues associated with cancer – whether it is depression, anxiety, PTSD or stress. This not only affects patient’s quality of life and wellbeing, but also has a high correlation with higher mortality, and patients dropping out from chemo or radiotherapy. Unfortunately, despite a wide research base showing the negative effects of stress and positive outcomes of psychotherapies, access to mental health support is scarce. To help with this process we’re developing a comprehensive digital therapeutics programme, designed exclusively for cancer patients, including CBT, RBT, mindfulness, relaxation and breathing therapies. Accessible via web, mobile and even VR devices. As we are reaching the end of a two-year product development cycle, we’re looking for partners, researchers, and advisors who will help us deliver our vision to market, and most importantly – patients. Visit the Prosoma website: