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Reforest Tea graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in March 2021.


Reforest Tea is a Cambridge-based independent social business selling premium teas to support tree planting and forest conservation work around the world.

All Reforest Tea blends are expertly blended from the finest quality, ethically sourced ingredients; premium whole leaf black and green teas, natural ingredients and natural flavourings. Each bespoke blend has been created with a strong connection to trees and forests in mind, for instance their “Forest Mint” contains refreshing eucalyptus leaf and their “Reforest Earl Grey” contains citrusy lime leaf.

Reforest Teas are blended and manufactured in England and packed into plastic-free fully biodegradable pyramidal tea bags.


Reforest Tea was founded by Alistair, a professional plant biologist with a particular interest in trees, forests and forestry. After considerable experience working on tree-planting and forest conservation projects, Alistair decided to start a social business to address the lack of funding which restricts so many important and useful projects around the world. With funds from Reforest Tea, projects can pay for tree nurseries, pay salaries for people to plant and care for trees, pay for materials and seeds and so on.


Reforest Tea supports carefully selected non-profit or non-governmental organisations and projects which are working to plant trees and conserve forests around the world. Trees and forests provide a mechanism to address a wide range of issues; from funding fruit tree orchards in Africa to address poverty and gender inequality, to funding forest replanting in the Americas to support wildlife habitat restoration.

Through planting trees and protecting forests, society can gain from all the benefits this brings to people, the environment and the planet. Enjoying a good brew of delicious own-blend premium teas is a simple way to support reforesting work every day.

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