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Safe Soulmates graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in March 2021.


Safe Soulmates helps adults with additional needs find and nurture friendships and romantic love in a safe way, free from online and real-life abuse.

They aim, with the guidance and the help of its members, to help soulmates to build connections, resilience and, above all, enable people to have fun with lovely people through running a variety of social events (currently online).

They hope this will impact positively on their soulmates helping them to become more self-assured and confident in all areas of their lives. Safe Soulmates is also a one-to-one introduction service and, where there is the desire and opportunity for a romantic connection, Safe Soulmates will support this to develop in a positive way.


Safe Soulmates is run day-to-day by Vicky Baddeley and Christine O’Neil, who founded the organisation in December 2018. Between them the pair have 13 years’ experience working with adults with additional needs in learning disability charities and schools, and both are very passionate about enabling people to find love and friendship in a safe way.

Stacey Lee is the Financial Non-executive Director, who has many years of experience as the Head of Finance of a division of Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Stacey is responsible for ensuring that Safe Soulmates has robust financial policies and procedures in place and that all financial decisions are approved by the board. As well as the three directors, Safe Soulmates’ board comprises four Safe Soulmates and three professionals in the sector.


Safe Soulmates social mission is to reduce the feelings of loneliness and isolation that many people with additional needs feel, due to lack of friendship and love. ‘Mate crime’ and sexual and financial abuse is sadly commonplace in the additional needs community, and Safe Soulmates is a safe way for people to find those romantic and friendship connections that most people need to feel mentally well.

Safe Soulmates provide fun social and dating opportunities, so their soulmates can connect safely with likeminded people, with a view to building strong friendships, and loving relationships, the positive repercussions of which will filter through to their day-to-day lives. Their long-term aim is to grow to be the go-to place in East Anglia for adults with additional needs to find new friendships and love, as well as to employ some of their soulmates to help them achieve this.

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Vicky Baddeley and Christine O’Neil

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Safe Soulmates would like partners who can help them develop their technological reach. In the current environment, they are now running the organisation from their homes, so technology and the smooth running of systems is vital. They are exploring developing an app to help people join more easily which they would like help with.

Tel: +44 (0)7935 866219 (Vicky Baddeley)
Tel: +44 (0)7493 542963 (Christine O’Neil)
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