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At Sano, our mission is to accelerate the future of personalised medicine.

Our patient finding and engagement services enable researchers to deliver precision medicine clinical trials at increased speed and lower cost.

Sano’s end-to-end Platform integrates with your existing providers and partners, including sites, medical record retrieval services, sample collection and data analysis partners, and we apply our expert knowledge to identify new and highly efficient channels for finding and engaging the patients you need to support your project.

Connecting dots to accelerate cures

Finding, screening and engaging patients for clinical trials can be slow and inefficient, especially when it comes to precision medicine. When each step in the process is siloed, patients, time and money all slip through the cracks. And many potentially life-changing treatments never see daylight.

Sano is the only 360° platform that seamlessly connects every one of these steps. Not just end to end—a complete circle, combining and quickening efforts now and ongoing.

In 2023, Sano Genetics hired over 35 new team members and is on track to grow to 100 employees by the end of 2024. In addition to employment, Sano is the recipient of several InnovateUK grants and contributing to accelerating the pace of precision medicine development in the UK and internationally.

Sano has multiplied its monthly recurring revenue by 4.5 since last year.  Through its various research programs and partnerships, it has also expanded its reach to millions of patients in its research areas.

Sano has launched its patient engagement platform in the US, Canada, EU, UK, Australia and New Zealand in the past year and is widely used by multiple market players such as pharmaceutical companies, patient groups, academic researchers, population genomics programs and biotech companies.

An example of a successful programme was launched by Sano during the pandemic. Our Genetics of Long Covid study, for which we recruited and sequenced a total of 3,000 participants, contributed to international efforts to understand long covid and culminated in a scientific paper identifying risk factors for long covid that could pave the way for new drug targets.

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