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Seek UK believe that refugees should have the opportunity to rebuild happy, stable lives once resettled. Seek is a social enterprise that aims to support refugees into employment through their online job platform. They provide CV help, job-seeking advice and interview practice to ensure that refugees are able to reach their full potential in the UK. For employers, the platform is a great place to find great candidates, improve corporate diversity and fulfil corporate social responsibility objectives.


Chris Whitehead is the sole director with experience in both the private and public sector, including as a policy adviser in HM Treasury and a systems operator at Hawk-Eye Innovations.


Seek’s mission is to facilitate connections between employers that are interested in employing refugees, and refugees that would be suitable for those roles. They want to tangibly improve the lives of thousands of refugees in the UK by helping them find good work.

The idea for Seek started in 2017 when Chris met a Syrian refugee called Sharif who had recently been granted refugee status but was struggling to find work. Chris wrote him a CV and took it to some employers, finding one that was willing to interview Sharif; and he got the job! A few months later Sharif was on his feet and had found a flat to rent in London. Through Seek, Chris is attempting to repeat this process on a much larger scale.

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Chris Whitehead

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Seek are interested in connecting with any non-governmental organisations that work with refugees or that would be able to help provide opportunities for refugees. They’re also looking for volunteers that have experience as a refugee or working in the refugee space. If in doubt, get in touch. They’d love to hear from you.

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