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Sixfold Bioscience is the first company to algorithmically complete the ‘design-make-test’ cycle of drug discovery. Our machine learning methods iteratively design the best

Sixfold Bioscience is a biotech startup developing drug delivery nanotools for cancer.

Cancers are complex diseases driven by multiple genetic pathways but the currently available therapeutics target only individual pathways. This leads to ineffective treatments and build up of resistance. Meanwhile, combining therapeutics results in excessive toxicities and serious side effects. Therefore, there is a large unmet clinical need of delivering multimodal therapeutics specifically and effectively to cancer cells while minimising toxicities.

Sixfold’s RNA nanoring provides several distinct advantages, including specific cancer cell targeting and simultaneous delivery of up to six different therapeutics to an individual cell, that can address the drug delivery challenge even to the most inaccessible regions in the body such as the brain. Sixfold was founded by three Postdocs/PhDs from Cambridge and the Francis Crick Institute. With already established strategic collaborations at the NIH (USA) and Addenbrooke’s Hospital, we aim to mount a sixfold attack on cancer to provide better treatments for patients.

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