Accelerate alumni


SkiteLight is defining the next-generation displays using Perovskite MicroLED! Our highly scalable solutions address 3 pain points in current advanced displays: brightness, energy efficiency and lifetime, aiming at both the 160-billion Global Display Market and the uprising Microdisplay demands fuelled by wider enterprise and commercial AR/VR adoptions. These powerful nanocrystals can emit up to 1 million nits in brightness while using 1/10 of power by LCD and 1/2 of OLED. Our next-gen display technology, featured in The Economist, combines perovskites with hybrid glasses to make these semiconductors extremely stable for up to 10,000 hours under real-life conditions. They can be further miniaturised into sub-micrometre size, making them perfect candidates for advanced displays used in AR/VR as well as mobile phone, smartwatch, high-end TV and Outdoor Advertising Display.