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Social Streets graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in January 2017. Social Streets is pioneering community journalism that is sustainable even in poor or disadvantaged economies. As a community interest company its charitable objective is to increase participation in local community through the provision of community-led local journalism, changing the face of local news organisations. Social Streets publishes local news and culture magazines, working in partnership with the community to create original, high-quality content that documents the lived experiences, enterprises and initiatives of local people. Working closely with community stakeholders, Social Streets works to promote the local economy, to raise awareness of local culture and heritage, to provide a platform for voices within the community, to increase connections between people and to champion living on a more local level. Social Streets aims to generate income from multiple revenue streams including readers donations, low cost access to advertising and income from its education arm. Social Streets offers digital marketing training to businesses and journalism mentoring programmes to ensure local communities have the skills to make the most from the local digital ecosystem being developed. The idea for Social Streets was developed to tackle the death of local news outlets and the decline of local high streets and is underpinned with the belief that local media plays a vital role in the health and wellbeing of the community. Founder Tabitha Stapely left the world of glossy magazines to use her journalism skills to help people fall in love with their community.

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