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Sophos Education is an online education platform consisting of 1:1 pre-recorded lessons alongside a comprehensive set of notes that aims to break down the GCSE and A-Level syllabus to a granular level. By focusing on ‘on-demand’ learning content for specific exam boards and targeted subjects, Sophos is a venture that was created to disrupt the online learning world through ensuring that quality education can be accessed in an engaging, convenient and affordable way.


The founders, Sophia Rahman and Eleanor Bird, met at Cambridge whilst they were students studying Chinese and Law respectively. As experienced tutors, they recognised the gap in the market for students to be able to access online material that was on-demand, structured and affordable. Seeing the edtech world grow rapidly especially after the pandemic, Sophos was created to ensure that every student, from every background has the ability to unlock their academic potential.


We would like to address the disparity in the quality of education amongst children specifically between the ages of 13-18. These ages are crucial for a child’s intellectual development and it is during these examination years that typically determines whether a student can access certain opportunities such as going on to higher education. Sophos is our answer to combatting this social issue, by creating an online learning platform we aim to democratise education through delivering quality teaching and resources online.