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If you secretly believe in the phrase “Code is King” then we say sourceCREATOR™ is the way to treat it like one! sourceCREATOR is an innovative tool for the 21st century programmer to better organise, manage, share and even sell source code. With only a few clicks, it allows programmers to turn their existing code in any language into components that make code much easier to maintain and understand. Additionally, users have the option to do it all graphically while letting sourceCREATOR take care of keeping the components, the code and the graphical design in sync at all times. sourceCREATOR is being developed by visualSilicon, a provider of hi-tech support-engineering services based in Cambridge, formed of multiple talented individuals with decades of experience each in software, hardware and user experience design – no team around here beats one where one of the team has shaken hands with Steve Jobs. Visit the sourceCREATOR website: