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Founded in 2014 by three Cambridge alumni, Spacesuit offers a revolutionary solution that helps your company to transport products with complex shapes inside containers with maximum efficiency.

How does it work? Some products are too large to be transported in one piece and break bulk transport might be too expensive. This is where Spacesuit can help. Our client only needs to upload the 3D model of the product they would like to transport onto the Spacesuit cloud servers. We run our optimisation algorithm, which arranges the product parts inside the containers to maximise the loading efficiency. To do this we use advanced mathematics and 3D modelling interfaces.

What type of product does Spacesuit work with? Many industries face complex container loading problems. Some potential clients for Spacesuit include producers of heavy-duty machinery, defence equipment, automotive parts, aerospace items, oil & gas equipment and renewable technologies.

What do you get? Once the optimisation process has finished, we provide you with three things: The minimum number of containers required to transport your product, a list of items in each container in the loading order and a drawing of the optimal arrangement the items in each container.

What is the benefit for your company? This solution allows your company to reduce the transport cost by decreasing the number of containers required thereby cutting costs associated to transport such as insurance, duties and packing materials. We also help reduce unnecessary internal design time of the containerisation process.

Spacesuit is an easy way to reduce your transport cost, help the environment and increase your company efficiency.