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Sparkfire Marketing is a marketing agency which provides marketing and creative services to help businesses grow.

Sparkfire Marketing recruits, trains and mentors young aspiring marketers and creatives in emerging markets who work with an experienced in-house team to deliver high-quality marketing and creative services.

Sparkfire’s goal is to address the unemployment crisis by closing the skills gap in emerging markets, providing quality jobs, financial stability and better long-term career prospects to help young adults get out of poverty.


Seun Oratokhai, the founder of Sparkfire Marketing, is a marketing professional with over 11 years’ experience in the retail, media and fintech industries in Europe and Africa. She has led marketing operations for global and home-grown brands, including Viacom CBS, KweseIflix and FairMoney, with a focus on emerging markets.

She has considerable expertise in developing and executing tailor-made solutions for high-value clients in various industries, including telecommunications, financial services, FMCG and media.

Seun is passionate about education and youth development, volunteering with organisations such as Junior Achievement Nigeria as a mentor to low-income students in the Nigerian public school system.

She holds a degree in product & furniture design from Ravensbourne University and has successfully completed a number of leadership courses, including the Leadership Xcelerator powered by the African Leadership Group.


High youth unemployment rates globally are largely due to a lack of job opportunities and barriers to entering the labour market, such as limited work experience and poor education.

Sustained unemployment can have long-lasting, negative effects in terms of career paths and future earnings, in addition to increasing the potential for social unrest.

Sparkfire Marketing aims to address this crisis by providing young adults with access to training, mentorship and employment in marketing and creative services, so they can increase their earning capacity and improve their lives.

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Seun Oratokhai

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Seun is keen to connect with organisations and educational institutions who can provide professional development opportunities to beneficiaries. She is keen to collaborate with founders who have a shared interest in employment, marketing and education.

Sparkfire Marketing is also available to support other startups with their marketing and creative needs.

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