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The Helpful Clinic graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in April 2016.


The Helpful Clinic is a social enterprise that helps people get back on track. They help people cope better with everyday life and support people with limiting health conditions by helping them understand how the brain and the body work. They support each person’s health in a way that is tailored to their individual needs and takes into account what they have found helpful in the past. Drawing on research and literature about body systems, high performance and emotional and health literacy, The Helpful Clinic works with individuals and groups to develop an understanding of feelings, both emotional and physical and the interdependence of health, wellbeing and performance. The methods they use are tried and tested: founder Thor A Rain is a Health and Wellbeing practitioner with over three thousand patient hours under her belt, and with her own lived experience of chronic illness and full recovery. Their practice is informed by the latest in functional medicine and psychoneuroimmunology, fields which straddle physiology and psychology to understand how the body’s systems interact with and impact health. They offer three strands of support: The First Aid Kit for Feelings workshops and online course: understanding feelings to give yourself compassion, choice and control. The Journey: personalised support to help navigate your way to improved health High Performance: support and workshops for people in high-performing environments to understand your limits and maximise your achievement

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