Virtual Scientia


Accelerate Plus



Transform life sciences and healthcare sectors using AI, AR and MR advanced technologies.

The life sciences and healthcare sectors require highly skilled specialist practical education and training at both university and industry level. This is often very costly to obtain with training inefficiencies, limited access to tutors & laboratory space and constraints on equipment availability which can affect the quality control process in industry.

Virtual Scientia is on a mission to provide specialist practical training using a photorealistic, immersive, and interactive virtual lab simulator to help train the workforce and students to increase skills, knowledge, and confidence.

The Virtual Scientist platform uses 2D and 3D computer generated imagery (CGI), laser-scanned equipment for photorealism, AI and augmented and mixed reality for an immersive experience with patent-pending advanced technologies. Digital twins of real lab equipment allow users to undertake simulations of protocols such as cloning, immunofluorescence and ECG.

Initially targeted at the life-sciences and healthcare sectors, the platform will have later applications in other practical-based sectors. Virtual Scientia aims to transform practical skills education & training for our immersive digital future.