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Voices of Colour was established with a vision to empower under-represented female changemakers who are unafraid to voice their vision for a better world. They wish to support them to have agency to transform their communities, and aid their personal development journey. Their flagship programme, Forward Future, is a transformative digital skills and social justice programme for women from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

Voices of Colour provide these women with the platform and necessary tools to make a meaningful change within their communities on social justice issues, along with offering them both digital and soft skills to support them to reach their aspirations. Alongside this, Voices of Colour run a mentoring programme, as they believe that it is vital for the women that are supported during the programme to have exposure to role models from a similar cultural background.


Indy is the Founder and Director of Voices of Colour, which was established at the end of May 2020. After a few years in the charity sector and experiencing feelings of frustration at the lack of representation that exists within the sector, she decided to take a year out to learn about how she could contribute to helping to address this. She immersed herself in a year-long social innovation course with Year Here and created a space to understand the barriers that currently exist for women from ethnic minority backgrounds when it comes to them navigating both the education and employment spaces.

Indy is passionate about creating opportunities for underrepresented women which are co-developed and led by them, in order to ensure that their voices are at the heart of the change being enacted.


Their social mission is to increase aspirations and support the next generation of female changemakers from ethnic minority backgrounds including, but not exclusively, through tailored digital skills-based courses and social justice education.

They aim to support each participant’s personal development journey, as they gain a variety of soft skills in the process of co-designing a response to social justice issues using digital skills as part of the programme.

Their mentoring programme supports directly with increasing aspirations by pairing each participant with a mentor from a similar cultural background in a senior role within a sector of their interest.

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Voices of Colour would like to hear from housing associations and local authorities who would be interested in partnering with them by offering residents access to their flagship programme.

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