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WEKA is an impact investment platform using disruptive innovation to tackle poverty and financial exclusion in Africa head on. The growth of Africa’s middle class, coupled with Africa’s surge in technology, has created an increasing need for investment into Africa’s small to medium-size businesses. WEKA supports this demand by harnessing the investment capacity of the African diaspora by democratising the process of impact investing through a crowdlending model. WEKA mitigates risk through local partnerships with banks and microfinance as well as through embedding data analytics to assign credit scores to small to medium-size businesses and startups that lack the digital presence or data to be credible for financing.


The WEKA team is a mix of professionals with ample experience in investing, banking, consulting, marketing, and technology. WEKA’s team embodies passion, diversity, and credibility. As the Founder and CEO of WEKA, Beni is responsible for running all facets of the business. Beni has a proven leadership and entrepreneurial record of accomplishment with over three years of financial experience at Barclays Investment Bank. A multi-award winning entrepreneur, Beni has been featured as amongst “The Top 10 Best Black Student in the UK”.

As head of finance and investment strategies, Eugenia manages relationships with WEKA’s local partners to facilitate investments into small businesses and startups in the continent. Eugenia possesses local expertise and knowledge through her seven years as a chartered accountant working in Fidelity Bank Ghana as well a Master of Finance from the University of Cambridge.

As a full-stack software engineer working in the field of financial services at VISA, Muktar’s expertise lies in the cross-section of managing platform development and designing scalable payments business models. He is passionate about using technology for measurable social impact.


WEKA’s mission is simple: WEKA wants to push beyond the bounds of remittance by harnessing the investment potential of the African diaspora to make a difference in Africa. Through empowering the diaspora and facilitating investment through the platform, WEKA aspires to become pillar for African development and be at the forefront of tackling financial exclusion for businesses and startups in Africa.

Lead entrepreneur
Beni Ngwamah and Njeri Muhia

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WEKA is interested in connecting with any governmental or non-governmental organisations working in the African development space. They also welcome all opportunities for media coverage, African diaspora engagement, collaboration and impact investing in Africa.


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