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Where Does It Come From? creates high quality, ethically made clothes that come with their life story. Each garment has a code on the label so that the customer can trace their garment’s journey – right back to the cotton farm. We believe that this helps the customer to build a stronger connection to their clothes which will ultimately ensure that they love them more and shop more ethically in the future. Our clothes are beautiful, comfortable and practical – designed to be garment basics that can be worn often. Our children’s clothes are designed to be robust and to last through a growth spurt. We work very closely with our partners and ensure that production meets Fairtrade standards that are socially inclusive and just. Our production processes are kind to environment – we choose traditional techniques such as hand weaving, hand dyeing and block printing which are low carbon, low water and use non-toxic dyes. Team Jo Salter founded Where Does It Come From? which launched in 2014. Jo’s career history is a blend of corporate working – she worked for BT in a variety of roles – and a keen interest in social justice. She was a fundraiser for a number of charities, undertook post graduate study in international development and, prior to setting up Where Does It Come From? provided consultancy to ethical businesses. Currently she runs the business but is also involved in wider campaigning for Fashion Revolution and the Fairtrade foundation. Jo is a volunteer with Suffolk Refugee Services. A new team member, Sarah, has just come on board.


Our goal is to change the way that people think about shopping in general, focusing on their clothing. There has been a monumental shift in the last 30 years, away from valuing and caring and towards a disposable, wasteful culture. We believe that constantly lowering prices and quality as well as marketing messages that we ‘must have’ an item or be miserable have led to a downwards spiral of consumerism. This has a huge knock on effect on quality, human rights and the environment as well as on our psyche as consumers. Where Does It Come From? aims to reverse this trend by encouraging people to buy quality clothing and to build a relationship with it through getting to know the people who made it and the processes used. By helping people understand how their products can have a positive effect on the labour force and the environment we hope that they will choose to shop more thoughtfully and value what they have. Watch the Where Does It Come From? video about ethical fashion Lead entrepreneur Jo Salter

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Where Does It Come From? is keen to connect with retailers and brands who would like to wholesale our ethical, traceable clothing through their outlets. We are also looking for organisations to work with in creating custom ranges of ethical clothing featuring a bespoke design such as their logo or emblem.

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