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Wired Differently was founded to provide coaching, virtual assistants and a community and support app to people who are in the neurodivergent community, who don’t have a Learning Disability. The company has grown to having 9 projects serving clients who are leaders and entrepreneurs in their field. The scope of Wired Differently includes social care, business, tech, women’s health, education, domestic violence survivor support, grief and more. The company was founded in late 2020 and already has a team of 17; working in the UK but also on projects as far away as Nepal. Wired Differently has become a real hub of thought leadership (Sara-Louise Ackrill the Founder was named as a top 80 UK ‘Neurodiversity Evangelist’ in 2023), increasingly with a pressure group function contributing to making social change as well as playing an active role in upskilling those working in and managing neurodivergent people in blue chip companies.


Through coaching, supporting, training, an app, public speaking, meeting with policy makers and networking, Wired Differently seeks to make a positive 360-degree difference to the lives of people in the neurodivergent community. As a company founded by a therapist, Wired Differently is in a unique position of being able to draw on the needs of a cross-section of people with lived-experience and with a growing team that incorporates a high percentage of neurodivergent people, this means being in a position to constantly innovate and problem solve from a starting point of a broad range of lived experience. In innovating, the goal is just as much to create new and well-paid work for people who may have either struggled to find work or have been paid much closer to minimum wage in unsuitable jobs in the service industry or working in offices that are not adapted to sensory etc., needs. Lead entrepreneur Sara-Louise Ackrill

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