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We are building for wisdom, what our ancestors built for wheat and sheep. WisFinit is built on three unique pillars, solving for crucial gaps in the current mentorship market. Get matched with your ideal role model. WisFinit matches glorious journeys, not optimised keywords. Our intuitive matching algorithm finds you a role model who has similar past experiences, overcame your present struggles, or works in your dream profession. Engage and connect with this dream role model for free. WisFinit offers a 100% wisdom barter so that your only payment is your hard-earned wisdom. We create a wisdom economy powered by WizCoins and built on a simple formula – Give the wisdom to get wisdom. WisFinit goes beyond one-time zoom calls to build regular touchpoints with your dream role models. We create innovative AI prompts and nudges that trigger pride, social impact, and validation. We at WisFinit aim to build a platform that dares to redefine the mentorship equation. A mentorship ecosystem that runs on motivation rather than money and matches people based journeys rather than generic keywords. Visit the WisFinit website: