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WorkFA automates the workplace adjustments process to create workplaces where disabled employees flourish. Their platform takes care of admin and compliance, and supports better line manager, HR, and employee relationships, prompting in-person reviews at the right time and flagging when adjustments are not working, for early intervention and correction.

WorkFA guides line managers through the process of implementing effective adjustments and recording an audit trail of the entire workplace adjustment history for every employee.

For the employee, WorkFA ensures they get adjustments that work for them by:

implementing standard, better day and worse day adjustments
making approved adjustments shareable with new line managers and colleagues to remove the burden of having to discuss adjustments time after time
ensuring data is kept private to the people that need to see it, clearly indicating who has access to their information.


Co-founders, Beez Fedia and Mo Ali are on a mission to make workplaces work for all. Their shared passion for addressing the inequalities in workplace power and privilege brought them together. As Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) consultants they have been privy to the inner workings, data, strategies and policies that impact the everyday lives of employees. Regularly recruited to conduct in-depth independent DEI reviews and interviews, they have developed a strong understanding of the daily struggles of both the passionate employee and the committed employer.

WorkFA was started with a view to improving the workplace for employees with anxiety. It quickly became clear the workplace adjustments process needed improving for all employees.

Beez Fedia has spent 10 years in Tech4Good as a programmer, product manager and service designer. Mo Ali has spent 15 years in the aid sector addressing inequality by ensuring data is used well for better decision-making.


WorkFA’s primary purpose is to enable all employees to fully participate in the workplace. In order to realise this mission, WorkFA optimises the workplace adjustments process through its digital platform. Ultimately, WorkFA aims to help employers across the globe improve responses to the barriers that impact employees in the workplace by providing bespoke adjustment suggestions through the analysis of anonymised data collection from the platform.

The workplace adjustments an employee might need varies widely and is not specific to a health condition. WorkFA takes this into account by serving as a tool to record and manage any type of workplace adjustment from flexible working arrangements through to complex accessibility requirements. By prompting discussions between line managers and employees the platform ensures that the philosophy of nothing about us without us is followed whilst ensuring that employers feel confident they are following best practice.

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Beez Fedia and Mo Ali

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WorkFA is interested in hearing from HR teams at forward-thinking employers who are looking to be early adopters of the platform as sector leaders in inclusion. We are also interested in creating partnerships with law firms, HR consultancies, government departments and other organisations working in the employment sector.

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