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Yodomo (You Do More) drives engagement with creativity through its online courses, kits of materials and live workshop experiences from carefully selected artists and makers. Yodomo.co is a new thriving marketplace for crafting and making, creating important new revenue streams for artists, makers, craftspeople and other creative micro-businesses, and meeting the growing demand for at-home learning through crafts kits, online courses and live or virtual learning workshop experiences.

Their customers can learn anything – weaving, spoon carving, bookbinding, sourdough baking, drawing, sewing, botany and much more – through carefully curated step-by-step online courses, kits of materials and live or virtual workshop experiences.

They are passionate about the positive impact that engaging in creative activities brings, such as improved mood and boosted productivity. The Yodomo team is on a mission to get more people making to fuel positive change through creativity, and to build a leading online destination where anyone can pick up new creative skills.


Yodomo was founded by Sophie Rochester, a keen amateur maker who wanted to find quality making projects and more accessible ways to get creative at home. She was listed as one of the British Council’s Top Ten UK Creative Entrepreneurs and on the Guardian Professional h.Club100 list. She is highly experienced in content marketing and digital publishing through her work with 4th Estate, Good Technology, Pan Macmillan, Hachette, Penguin Random House, Nesta, British Council, Royal Society of Literature and her award-winning company The Literary Platform, now part of Exeter University. She founded Fiction Uncovered and co-founded The Writing Platform. She has been a Trustee for Arvon and Spread the Word.

Yodomo’s small team is made up of illustrators, designers, photographers, bookbinders and more, and they all understand first-hand the complexities of running small creative businesses. The team is also expert in developing good quality digital content online and looks to share these skills widely with the Yodomo community.


Yodomo’s mission is to drive engagement with creativity to fuel positive change. In an increasingly automated world, the ability to be creative is what makes us human. It encourages positive mental health, increases connection with others and gives a reason for existence.

Their vision is for a future where they make it easier for anyone to reconnect to the power and benefits of making with their hands, and where more people recognise that everything we make and consume has an impact on us individually, collectively and on the world around us.

Yodomo is equally committed to supporting artists, designer makers and craftspeople to ensure that they are resilient in the digital age by providing training, with support to date from Arts Council England and the Mayor of London, to develop essential skills to monetise creative skills online.

Yodomo is committed to growing the platform for these makers to create essential revenue streams around acquired creative skills and techniques.

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Sophie Rochester

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Yodomo would love to hear from businesses interested in seeing the positive impact that creative activities can have on its employees. They would also love to hear from individual makers, craftspeople and creative micro-businesses who would like to share skills through yodomo.co to their eager learning community.

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