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Economist study shows strong return on investment for Cambridge MBA graduates

12 May 2014

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The Cambridge MBA has been recognised as offering a great return on investment for its graduates The Cambridge MBA has been recognised …

The Cambridge MBA has been recognised as offering a great return on investment for its graduates

Cambridge MBAThe Cambridge MBA has been recognised as offering a great return on investment for its graduates, according to a Which MBA? study conducted by The Economist and published in their 10 May issue.

The study examined twenty selected full-time MBA 2013 programmes and analysed the difference between graduates’ pre- and post- MBA salaries divided by the total cost (tuition fees and forgone salary) of the programme.

The findings show that graduates of the twelve month MBA programme at Cambridge Judge Business School can expect to see a 24 per cent return on their investment within one year, ranking the Cambridge MBA programme among the top three in Britain and eleventh globally.

Shorter MBAs around the world were found to offer better returns for graduates than longer-term counterparts, with two-year courses at American institutions determined to have the highest tuition costs but a smaller immediate return on investment.

Also released this week, the Complete University Guide 2015 has named the University of Cambridge the top university in the country for the fourth consecutive year. The Guide’s rankings are determined by data taken directly from 123 UK universities and include factors like student satisfaction, research assessment, spending on student facilities, graduate prospects, and staff to student ratios.

MBA Executive Director Karen Siegfried talked about the value of an investment in the Cambridge MBA programme in light of these two studies:

MBA applicants have a plethora of information, rankings and metrics available to help inform their decision. The Cambridge MBA is clearly a good investment for our students from purely a financial perspective, but this return does not reflect the full payback picture, as demonstrated by the factors that make up the Complete University Guide rankings.

As part of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge MBAs have access to many incredible resources. Through other academic departments, colleges, extra-curricular activities, the wider Cambridge eco-system, and an extensive international alumni body, our students develop lifelong networks from which they continue to benefit long after they’ve spent their first year’s salary.

There’s still time to apply to the Cambridge MBA 2014 programme. Applications have been extended and will continue to be considered on a case-by-case basis until the end of June 2014.