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The Cambridge MBA is...

  • a consistently highly ranked and regarded MBA from a business school and university renowned around the world 
  • a one-year programme, offering in-depth learning and personalised career development services 
  • undertaken by experienced professionals in a class size of c.200, an optimal number to enhance peer-to-peer learning 
  • a programme focused on experiential learning, with two live client projects 
  • proven to enable global and cross-sector career mobility for graduates.

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The big questions

Who do we admit?

Professionals with:

  • minimum three years work experience at the start of study
  • strong academic achievements: GPA 3.3 or top 25 per cent of your class at undergraduate level
  • English language proficiency.

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What will a Cambridge MBA do for your career?

  • Typically over 95 per cent of Cambridge MBAs receive at least one job offer three months out, with a typical average package salary of c. £104,000.
  • Mobility statistics are high, with the majority of each class switching role, sector, or job location in their post-MBA employment.
  • Our individualised career programme develops capabilities to drive lifelong career progression.

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Why is Cambridge special?

  • Our focus on personalised, experiential learning gives you an MBA which is relevant and impactful.
  • Gaining your MBA at the University of Cambridge setting offers unrivalled opportunity for enrichment and development.
  • Cambridge is a European hotspot of innovation and entrepreneurial activity, and CJBS is at the heart of this successful ecosystem.
  • Our community is renowned for its diversity and collaborative spirit - elements which will greatly enhance your learning experience and future networks.

How will you fund your MBA?

  • MBA Fees for 2018/19 class are £53,000, and estimated living expenses are £12,000.
  • Scholarships and bursaries are available from CJBS, the University of Cambridge, and more.
  • Loans available include the Prodigy Loan Scheme.

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News & insight

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