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Career outcomes for Cambridge MBAs

4 April 2016

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95 per cent receive job offers three months out. The latest Cambridge MBA Employment Report, just published, has revealed that 95 per …

95 per cent receive job offers three months out.

2014/15 MBA students

The latest Cambridge MBA Employment Report, just published, has revealed that 95 per cent of graduates from the 2014/5 class received job offers just three months after completing the programme – for the second year running.

The report demonstrates the powerful career transitions enabled by the one-year MBA programme, with 94 per cent of graduates switching at least country, job function or industry sector, and 40 per cent of the class opting to make the ‘triple jump’ and successfully switch all three.

Students are increasingly mobile, with 62 per cent having switched the country in which they work and 46 per cent choosing to move to the UK once they have completed their MBA.

The annual report details the outcomes of the graduating MBA class of 2014/15, who are now employed across 21 different countries respectively. The profile of the class surveyed featured 145 students of 39 nationalities.

There is relatively even spread between the three main sectors: with 29 per cent of students in consulting; 32 per cent in finance and 38 per cent in industry. 12 per cent are employed in the technical sector. Top global employers of the class post-MBA include: Amazon, Google, A.T. Kearney, The Fung Group, Boston Consulting Group and HSBC.

Students undertake the Career Accelerator programme alongside their MBA studies, during which they work closely with the MBA Careers team to create a personalised plan based on career aspirations. The programme includes practical workshops, individual advisory and coaching, and recruitment and networking events with employers.

Conrad Chua, Head of Admissions and Careers for the Cambridge MBA says:

“We are pleased for our students that they have continued the trend of receiving a high percentage of successful offers after completing their programme, and their outcomes reflect the high-level of engagement between students and the Careers Team on the Cambridge MBA. In addition, it is encouraging to see that 13.7 per cent of students have started their own business after the MBA.

“Cambridge MBA graduates demonstrate that, despite uncertainty in the global economy, the Cambridge MBA is highly-valued by employers, who look for the leadership skills, practical experience and personal and professional development which it fosters in our students.”

Clare Devney from the US, formerly worked for British Airways for nine years in commercial and strategic areas. She wanted to switch industry and has since joined Quartix as a Director. She says:

I really wanted to shore up some of my broader skills in areas that I hadn’t directly touched on before…I feel more well-rounded from a management point of view.

Hussein El Sayed, a former PMO Manager from Lebanon, now works as a Management Consultant at PA Consulting Group in London:

The MBA gave me exposure to the financial aspect of business and that complemented my previous knowledge of engineering and helped me gain experience in the financial sector.

This year, the Cambridge MBA ranked as the top one-year programme in the UK, as well as achieving a place in the top 10 MBA programmes in the world, according to the Financial Times.