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Five tips for completing your Cambridge Executive MBA application

11 May 2017

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Speed up your application to the Cambridge Executive MBA with this advice from the Executive MBA Admissions team. 1. Check that you …

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Speed up your application to the Cambridge Executive MBA with this advice from the Executive MBA Admissions team.

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1. Check that you meet our requirements

The Cambridge Executive MBA is a rigorous academic programme, and we need to ensure that everyone who attends the programme is of a sufficient standard to manage the intensive and demanding workload.

We expect applicants to have a minimum of seven years’ full-time, post-undergraduate work experience, have an equivalent first-class or good upper-second class honours degree and to demonstrate fluency in English.

Familiarising yourself with the full list of requirements will save you time when determining your eligibility for the programme.

2. Take advantage of our rolling application process

Applications to the Cambridge Executive MBA are received online via our online application form on a rolling basis:

  • Once your references have been received and your application has been submitted, we usually take five working days to process your application.
  • If you are successful in reaching the interview stage, you will receive an e-mail from us with a suggested interview date.
  • You will be notified of the outcome of your application approximately three working days after your interview.

3. Ask your referees to send their references before submitting your application

Once an application has been submitted, we can only process it once both of your references have been received. You can ask your referees to send their references before submitting your application. Input their details into the References section of the application, and an email will be sent to them immediately. Please check with your referees that they have received this email, and email us with “Urgent: references” in the subject line if they haven’t.

4. Acquire your degree transcripts and translate them into English

Scanned copies of your degree transcripts and certificates (both undergraduate and postgraduate where applicable) must be attached to your application when you apply for the programme.

Retrieving transcripts from your academic institutions can take longer than anticipated, as does translating them into English. If your transcripts are not in English you must have these translated and verified by an official source (e.g. an official translator or the British Council).

5. Guarantee your first-come-first-served place on the programme

If you are offered a place on the Cambridge Executive MBA, you will have a set amount of time to pay your reservation fee (15 per cent of the total programme fee). You must pay your reservation fee to secure your place on the programme.

Places on our programme are awarded on a first-come-first-served basis, and are allocated in the order in which candidates pay their reservation fee and meet all conditions of their offer.

We will also ask for evidence that you can meet the cost of the programme. This includes a letter from your employer if you are expecting financial sponsorship and evidence of funds if you are a self-funded participant. Prepare these documents as early as possible.

We hope that these tips will help you in completing your application to the Cambridge Executive MBA programme. More information can be found on the Executive MBA webpages, and if you have any further questions contact the Executive MBA Admissions team.