The MBA class of 2017.

Meet the class of 2017

27 September 2017

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Part of the unique appeal of Cambridge Judge Business School is the talented and diverse class of professionals from around the world …

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Part of the unique appeal of Cambridge Judge Business School is the talented and diverse class of professionals from around the world that we attract to undertake the Cambridge MBA, and this year is no different.

MBA Class of 2017

Over the last few weeks, a new cohort of 208 students have been undertaking their MBA Orientation, getting to know each other in an intense two-week period of classes, receptions and team activities.

We want to introduce you to a few students from the incoming class – from a pharmaceutical professional bringing new drugs to the market, a record producer supporting up and coming talent, a McKinsey consultant and fine art dealer – the class is as diverse as ever.

Aishwarya Bollineni, from India, comes from a background in renewable energy, as the third generation of her family business. She aims to use the knowledge and experience from the MBA to expand the business and take a wider leadership role. Steven Gauthier, French/British, also has a background in the energy sector. Having worked for six years in oil and gas, he aims to further his career in this sector by taking advantage of the Cambridge MBA’s Energy Concentration.

Edmundo Castillo, from Peru, has a background in marketing operations. He is passionate about health and fitness, and he aims to boost his knowledge of digital and business strategy and find a role where he can bring together his passion and skills to impact the lives of many. Pit Breyer, from Luxembourg, comes to the Cambridge MBA from McKinsey, where he plans to return, and use the experience he has gained on the Cambridge MBA to grow into more senior roles.

Charlie Baker, from New Zealand, comes from a digital business background in the consumer sector, and most recently worked in strategy and business operations at Premier League football team, Manchester United. Oladele Olafuyi, from Nigeria, has a background in strategy and marketing. He is passionate about expanding opportunities for people from Africa.

Baringa Kukoyi, from Australia, has a background in accountancy and finance, having worked for Virgin Australia Airways in a variety of finance-related roles. She plans to use the skills gained on the MBA to support Aboriginal Australian communities. Christopher Kneale-Jones, from the UK, has a background in entrepreneurship, and has successfully founded two businesses – one of which is a global consultancy helping students navigate the UK education system.

Anneliese Mondschein, from the USA, has a background in the fine art and antiques market, and has previously worked for Sotheby’s and Bonhams international auction houses. Jeremy Peters, from the USA, has worked for several record labels and has co-founded his own. He ultimately wants to teach undergraduate artists entrepreneurial skills so that they are fully prepared for the business aspects of their artist careers.

Stephanie DeBolle, from the USA, is a medical student, currently at the University of Michigan Medical School. She wants to use the MBA to gain insight into how to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and administrators and improve healthcare delivery. Aoki Takehiro, from Japan, has a background in pharmaceuticals, having come from Eli Lilly. He aims to use his MBA experience to return to the organisation and become a drug development leader.

The University of Cambridge is amongst the world’s most prestigious institutions, and the Energy Concentration perfectly suits my post-MBA goals. I also have two young children and Cambridge provides an ideal setting for my family to be a part of the adventure.

– Steven Gauthier

These are just a few of the individuals embarking on their MBA year – look out for introduction and insight from others on our social media channels and student blog.