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Merging strategy and competitive advantage

6 November 2017

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The commonly understood definition of ‘strategy’ is ‘a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim’. So far so …

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The commonly understood definition of ‘strategy’ is ‘a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim’. So far so simple, right? For any business leader that has faced the task of articulating or executing a strategy, the reality can quickly become more complicated.

What is clear for business leaders across all industries is the understanding that a focused strategy is key to maintaining a competitive advantage, particularly in fast moving industries such as technology, finance and pharma. Therefore, spending time fully understanding the foundations of a good strategy and how it applies to your business is time well spent.

The Strategic Management: Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage programme at Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) has been designed to specifically address some of the common challenges that arise for business leaders when setting their strategic objectives. The programme brings together business leaders from around the world, spanning industries as diverse as software, banking, government, electronics and engineering to analyse the role of strategy and develop a strategic vision for their organisation.

Rachel Howard, Senior Business Manager at Microsoft, a recent participant of the programme comments “The academic experts challenged my way of thinking about strategy and how it applies to a global business like Microsoft. It was hands down the best programme I have attended. It articulated the theory whilst offering me examples of practical application.”

The approach of the programme reflects the wider commitment of CJBS to offer a space for business leaders to balance theory with real world impact.

Ilya Sysoyeu, Senior Analyst, Salesforce recognises this approach, stating “The programme was intellectually stimulating and highly practical. I have two business degrees but this programme still offered up fresh thinking and a new perspective. It was also a great networking opportunity.”

As well as offering time to reflect and learn from our academic experts, the programmes are designed to encourage debate and knowledge sharing between participants. Our participants are encouraged to share their collective experience and openly share new ideas.

Shabana Ahmad Commercial Manager, NEST adds “This programme has given me the tools to confidently build a strategic plan for my organisation. I feel clearer in my direction and most importantly, can better articulate my thinking. I’ve learnt a lot from both the academic experts and my fellow participants all of whom have openly shared their ideas and experience.”

Contact the Executive Education team to find out more about how Strategic Management: Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage can help you take the next step in your strategy planning.


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